5 essentials to pack for your next trip

(NC) Make the most of your vacation by arriving prepared to avoid the hassle of buying last-minute items in a foreign country. Whether you have a packed schedule or loose plans, here are five must-pack items to make your next vacation seamless. 

An insulated water bottle
These keep cool liquids colder longer and hot liquids hot longer and are typically more durable than their plastic counterparts. Many airports have refillable water bottle stations, making it easy to stay hydrated while on-the-move and to avoid using disposable plastic. Pre-selecting your own water bottle means you know its size and how it fits in your bag or purse, which makes packing for daily excursions easier. 

Travel means walking, eating and perhaps drinking more than usual, which can lead to dehydration. Adding packets of dissolvable electrolytes to your vacation routine ensures you stay hydrated with the appropriate amounts of glucose, minerals and vitamins that your body needs to retain its stamina throughout your vacation. 

A printed itinerary
Take the stress out of trying to conserve your phone battery by having a printed copy of your itinerary with tickets and addresses. This way, you’ll have localized trip information in one place and be able to use your phone for things like navigation, making calls and taking memorable photographs. 

This may seem intuitive but packing a couple of just-in-case layers of clothing can alleviate stress, especially for hot vacations. Breathable materials like linen can help prevent sunburn and double up for warmth on chilly nights. 

A laxative
Traveling can throw off the body’s internal clock. Sitting while in transit, and a change in diet or environment may cause occasional constipation. Pack a laxative like Senokot to save you from feeling uncomfortable and distracted.