Awesome Living Room Ideas Every Sports Fan Needs To Know

Game night is a sacred ritual. When the guys come over to cheer your team to victory, it’s get-in-the-game or get-out-of-the-living-room. Having a dedicated space that you can take over when you’re watching the game is a dream, but for a lot of families, the living room is the living room and that’s all there is to it. In that case, you need a living room that’s versatile. With the right TV, sofa bed, sound system, and bar set up, you can have it all.

#1 The TV – Naturally, if you’re going to be inviting the guys over to watch the Sunday night game, you need a TV that makes the invitation worth it. These days, a cutting edge TV is 4K Ultra HD, meaning it displays enough pixels to fill four standard HD screens (with 1080 pixels). 4K Ultra HD is designed in particular for super-sized TVs, i.e., over 50 inches. The display is only slightly smaller than what you see on cinema screens, so it’s also going to bring those movies to life.

#2 The Sofa Bed – The sofa bed is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can include in your living room. A sofa bed is like a futon for grown ups. Sofa beds look like a classic couch, perfect for both family movie nights and game days with the guys. But sofa beds pull out into a full-length bed. If you live in a condo or in a house without a guest room, a sofa bed is a flexible solution for keeping company. You can even upgrade the sofa bed in your home to one with black leather cushions to complete your game night paradise.

#3 A Soundbar – The latest in pioneering sound systems is the soundbar. Soundbars are small, inexpensive, and they’re easy to hook up. A soundbar will dramatically increase the sound quality, making you feel like you’re in the arena, without taking up the same amount of space that enormous speakers would. Keep in mind that the length of a soundbar should increase with the size of the television.

#4 A Bar Cart – If you’ve got a den, man cave, or finished basement where you can host your game nights, problem solved. A fridge and a countertop are all you need to take care of all your beer, caesar, and rye-and-Coke needs. If you’re taking over the family living room for an evening, you’ll need a set up for fixing drinks. A bar cart can help you keep things contained in the living room, so there isn’t always someone running into the kitchen to fix another cocktail.

You don’t have to compromise game days just because you don’t have extra space. Versatile furniture like a sofa bed and a bar cart mean you can get more out of your entertainment system. Live game nights to the fullest in great company.