From Senegal to Toronto, Ryerson Rams recruit Tanor Ngom in pursuit of collegiate glory

Considering he only has been playing basketball a short time, Tanor Ngom took a moment to ponder when asked what aspect of his game he needs to develop.

"I just started basketball about three years ago, so I think my whole game needs development," the 19-year-old said. "But probably gaining some size if I want to play at the five [centre] position.

"So I think that's what I need to do right now, gain some height – some size I mean."

As Ngom towers over most everybody he ever meets, standing at 7 foot 2 in his stocking feet, it was rather amusing hearing him misspeak as he did. Although he obviously needs to add a few more pounds on his slender 200-pound frame, the last thing this kid needs is to sprout a couple of more inches.

Ngom is the prized new recruit of Toronto's Ryerson University Rams, plucked all the way from the African country of Senegal to come to Canada to further both his education and basketball career at the Toronto institution.

While Ryerson coach Roy Rana is doing his best to down play the move – "We're just trying to help a young man change his life," he says – if it all pans out, Ngom could help shift the balance of power in U Sports men's basketball from Carleton to Ryerson.

While the Ravens are still at the pinnacle when it comes to Canadian men's university basketball supremacy, having won 13 of the past 15 national titles, including the past seven in a row, the Rams under Rana are nipping at their heels.