Open loses some style, and plenty of substance, with Denis Shapovalov’s exit: DiManno

NEW YORK—Ball through the legs on the serve bounce: Always.

Ball cap flipped around backwards over his flopping tawny locks: Always.

Beaded bracelet with the legend “Don’t Stop Fighting”: Always.

A crowd-thrilling entertainer: Always.

Though always hasn’t been very long, really. Hardly a speck of tennis time.

The world has learned a lot about Denis Shapovalov in the last week, in the last month, his personality and his tics and his signature grace notes.

The world liked what it saw, mightily.

Even if, on Sunday afternoon, the U.S. Open saw the last of this 18-year-old Canadian, at least for 2017. With too many top seeds already gone in this Grand Slam, a lot of the intoxicating air — the jazz and the razzmatazz — left with him.