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Shuswap mom and daughter share $500,000 lottery win

A trip to Kelowna by a Shuswap mother and daughter duo led to a windfall of a half-million dollars.

Theresa Worthington, who lives in Sorento, and daughter Alexa of Salmon Arm stopped at a store in Orchard Park Mall in Kelowna last month to buy some licorice. While there, they decided to check a Daily Grand lottery ticket they had purchased for the Feb. 8 draw.

They scanned it together on the self-checker, but the prize amount didn’t show up on the screen, so they waited in anticipation while the retailer checked it.

“We couldn’t believe it and still don’t really believe it yet,” Theresa said, describing their reaction when they were told their ticket had matched five of six numbers, good enough for a $500,000 prize for the mom and daughter who both work in a hospital.

They are regular lottery players who always use the quick pick option to select their numbers.
The first person Theresa shared the news with was her husband, who was in disbelief.

“He thought I was lying at first,” she said. “Then he noticed I was shaking really bad, so he realized it must be real. To calm down, I decided to bake some cookies for the dogs and then some for us to enjoy with milk to celebrate.”

Both Theresa and Alexa have their sights set on a trip to Australia once it’s safe to travel again. In addition, Theresa plans to put part of her prize toward a new kitchen table, perhaps to assist with her passion for baking.