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Couple who raked in $800,000 by winning the lottery an incredible THREE times reveal the one golden rule behind their lucky streak

An Australian couple who struck gold three times by winning a total of $800,000 from the lotto have revealed the one golden rule behind their lucky streak. 

Ron and Ruby from Perth's northern suburbs had their first win in 1983 after pocketing $25,000 on a scratchie, then again in 2015 when they won $27,000 on the lotto. 

The couple had their biggest win after scoring $740,000 in June last year when they chose the division one winning numbers. 

The grandparents couldn't believe their luck - especially after Ruby told her husband to stop buying lotto tickets after their 2015 win. 

'I said, "stop buying all these tickets all the time, we're never going to win again",' Ruby told 7News

The couple, who are in their 60s, said they had no secret method and they don't purchase their tickets from the same vendor. 

The couple insisted they've just been 'wildly lucky' but did certain things to boost their chance of hitting gold.  

'The best tip is to register your tickets,' Ron said.

'I bought two tickets once and I had them in the back pocket of my motorbike jeans and dumped them in the washing basket.'

Despite their 38-year-long lucky streak, Ruby has continued working as a bookkeeper.

The couple used some of the money to renovate their home, have purchased a new car, shared the money with their family and topped up their superannuation.   

The pair said they will try their luck at Saturday‚Äôs $20 million Mega Draw.