Why pay per head sportsbook platforms are important to bookies

Are you a bookmaker searching for a means to constantly stay ahead in the competitive sports betting market? Then, it’s high time you learnt about pay per head services.

Pay per head sports book provides professional bookies with amazing benefits and advantages from each product and services they purchase. When combined with all the characteristics that make up a good bookmaker, pay per head sportsbook can be critical to the success of a bookie business.

Though using a pay per head service can be a good or bad gamble, but this depends on the platform you are on. That’s why it is advisable to use the best per head sites online , which are reliable and efficient.

However, before elaborating on the benefits of this service, it is important to first understand what pay per head is.

The pay per head business is a hybrid model that operates on the credit part of sports betting where customers can place online wagers and bets via their phones without having to make an initial deposit, mostly through agents. 

This allows the agents to carry out their bookie business over the internet where they can perform all the necessary activities as well as monitor their actions for the success of their business.

Agents aren’t the only beneficiaries of pay per head platforms as it also provides more convenience to gamblers than traditional betting. Though earlier versions of pay per head software platforms had limited features and were far from being customer-friendly, recent technology has improved these platforms drastically with features such as in-play wagering.

“There is always going to be a huge market for local bookmakers because they are the ones who let players bet with credit, with money they don’t have to produce,” said Steve Bud in, a gambling expert who formerly operated an online sports book in a report .

“People don’t want to give out their credit cards or send money offshore someplace. They like dealing with real people and real cash. These sites just make it a whole lot easier for the bookies serving them.”

With pay per head services, gamblers are given a wide range of services and information to help them place their bets wisely. Bookmakers who use these platforms just need to pay the operating companies a small fee for each client—hence the reason why they are collectively are known as “pay-per-head sites”.

Furthermore, one of the major advantages of pay per head sports book is its convenience. Top bookie softwares are quite user-friendly with tools that do not require a long learning curve for users or spending a lot of time mastering every icon.

“It’s a huge time saver,” said Thomas, a longtime bookie in the New York metropolitan area.

He noted that using a pay-per-head site had revolutionized his business as his customers can now place bets at any time. This is a big transition for him, as previously, many bookies could only accept bets by 8 or 9 p.m. 

Now, with the help of pay per head sites, customers who want to place a complex parlay, or multiple-team wager, can call one of the website’s clerks, instead of him, to get an immediate response on how much that bet will pay out if it wins.

“I can tweak the lines if I want, I can set minimum and maximum bets for different customers. There are still some older guys who like hearing my voice, but most of my clients just go to the site. They can see it all there,” he said.

Pay per head services typically includes a website and a 24/7 customer and technical support service to provide easy resolution oferrors. Additionally, bonuses are becoming more popular among these platforms as gamblers are provided with a much wider range of wagering options.

Due to the increasing popularity of mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, online sports books are made mobile-friendly and can be accessed anywhere and anytime, making this feature very crucial to its patronage.

“Younger bettors are used to ease and quality — they don’t want busy signals or guys who don’t answer their phone,” said Budin. “They want websites. They want a number they can trust where someone says, ‘How can I help you?’ if they have to call.”

Rick, a higher-stakes sports bettor based in New England, said he was quite wary of sending his credit card number to traditional online sports books because he had friends who lost money when their online sports books were suddenly closed down.

However, he prefers the per-head model because it not only gives him access to a website but also allows him to form a trusting relationship with his local bookie.

“It would have been funny if it was in a metal briefcase or something... But it was nothing like that. He paid me in an interoffice envelope,” said Rick, when he won a bet that came with a $20,000 payoff and was paid promptly by his bookie.

Pay per head services allows agents to earn more as they are able to manage their gamblers properly, increasing their retention rate and in turn bringing them long term streams of income.