Playing Powerball Is Inexpensive Entertainment At Its Finest

Entertainment is becoming increasingly more expensive, as movie tickets continue to climb in price, games require the latest console and going to a casino is… well, that’s never been cheap. But playing Powerball – the US lottery game (now playable in Canada!) famous for its interesting gameplay and sky-high jackpots – is both highly entertaining and inexpensive to play. That’s the best kind of entertainment. And not only is it fun and inexpensive, but there’s a chance you can walk away with a jackpot worth tens of millions of dollars, maybe more.

It all starts with understanding how to play Powerball; this article will offer a cursory rundown of how to play and what you could win, but for more in-depth queries, you can have your lottery questions answered at the linked FAQ. Let’s start with the basics: Powerball, like many lotteries, requires that you choose numbers from a set, in the hopes that those numbers are drawn; if some or all of them are, you win a prize. That prize could be anywhere between four dollars (if only your one “Powerball” number is drawn) and 1.586 billion dollars (the largest ever Powerball jackpot, and the world’s largest jackpot, period).

Furthering that description, the rules of the game are as follows: you pick five numbers between one and 69, and one Powerball number between one and 26. The tickets are inexpensive (US $2) and you can play multiple at a time. If you match three or more of your main numbers without matching your Powerball numbers, you win a prize; if you match just your Powerball number, you win a prize; and if you match your Powerball number and any amount of your main numbers, you win a prize. The size of the prize is dependent on how many numbers you match, and in what combination of Powerball and main numbers. You can also choose to add what’s called Power Play, which – without going into too much detail – boosts your non-jackpot winnings by anywhere between two and ten times.

You can make an event of Powerball by forming what’s called a “syndicate” with friends, family or colleagues. A syndicate is when a number of people pitch in for tickets, allowing you to buy more, therefore boosting everyone’s overall chance of winning. If you win, you simply distribute the winnings equally among the syndicate. This is popular not only because it boosts everyone’s chances, but also because it becomes like a social event. Everyone gathers around to hear the numbers called. Everyone may have only pitched in a few dollars, but the evening of entertainment, the nervous checking of the tickets and the celebration when one of them wins, is worth way more than that.

There’s a mad attempt nowadays to “gamify” everything in life, from exercise to work, even voting, but you have to look at games that are already there – those are often the most entertaining and most rewarding. Playing Powerball either on your own or with a syndicate can be the best “cost to entertaining” ratio you’ll find!